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Mongolian culture


13th Century National Park

13th Century National Park

optionen handeln National park area: 2.100 hectare area.

follow site How to get there: 13th Century National Park is located 110 east from Ulaanbaatar and 20 km from Erdene Suam, Tuv Province. Ulaanbaatar to Erdene Suam, all the road is paved and from Erdene to national, there is truck road. You can get there by vehicle or taxi.

source Things to do: Trekking, Horse, camel and yak riding, climbing, hiking, photographing, exploring nomad way of life and discover Mongolian traditional culture

“13th Century National Park” is located in Erdene country, Yol mountain 96km from Ulaanbaatar. The 13th century national park is build and established for real-time kingdom to make the lively feeling for its guests during their stay by genuinely providing true environment of the way of living and working of the 13th century. All the atmosphere is real and magnificent with no electric pole, no radio and TV. 


Visitors can enjoy annual celebrations, customs such as making felt cover for ghers, sling wool, sacred ceremony to praise flag, heaven by sacrificing, wedding, weeping camel, mare milking, sealing folks and organizing three games of men. Here the guests can dine with Khans and Queens visit the residents of lords and learn to write in Mongolian scripts and play in horse-headed fiddle /Morin khuur/.


“13th Century National Park” consisted with six camps and tribes provide the service to the tourists.

King Palace

King Palace

It is the main attraction point of XIII century National Park. You will get know about the statecraft of XIII century Mongols. All the state affairs such as declaring the laws, holding a great forum are carried out at the camp. In the King’s Palace, there will be implemented different programs and receptions. One of them is King’s Great Feast.


Here, you are able to have Mongolian traditional cuisine and beverage while you are enjoying Traditional music. Also here it is chance to wear on kings' or queens' costume. 

Relay station and Craftsmen camp

Relay station and Craftsmen camp

auto opzioni binarie a com Relay station camp


This camp and tribe will be situated in the complex, inspects any outsider’s token when they come in the relay station servant will let the tourist sit in the horse carriage, will ride a horse, rides the camel and guides.


get link Craftsmen camp


Blacksmiths and the craftsmen work of XIII century Mongolians were very popular in the World. In the craftsmen camp you will enjoy seeing the craftsmen art work such as horsehold utensils, women’s ornaments, jewelry, arms and tools etc. Having visited to the complex you will be amazed by their works, woolen felt items, and handmade carpets.

Educational, Herder’s and Shaman's camp

Educational, Herder’s and Shaman's camp

http://secon.se/dcw-neuthox/feed/ Educational camp


By visiting this camp you will have an opportunity to get know about the unique culture of the literacy, traditional way of educating their successors and young.  Besides, tourists and guests are offered practicing in Mongolian calligraphy, many kinds of Mongolian scripts.


conocer a personas por internet Herder’s camp


The everyday life of herders,  pastural cultures, the way of breeding the lifestock, the methods of producing dairy products, horse training and catching with lasso pole,  tanning the leather straps, riding  horse and yak, camel are all offer to your choice to experience the life of XIII century Mongols.


الخيارات الثنائية ملكة الفضيحة Shaman camp


 Following the customs of each clans, the Shamans of Mongolian different clans gather around fireplace under one common sky and perform a ritual to worship unanimously aiming for one common deed. Several kinds of Shaman ritual of worshiping, such as worshiping for 33 heavens, cairn, big fire will be organized for visitors.

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What kind of tourism should be more promoted for Mongolia?




Now that I have had some time to process my amazing journey with you through the Discover Mongolia tour and I would like to write to thank you for a totally engaging experience. . .

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   Mrs. Margaret Hadley

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