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Anniversary of Hun Empire to be celebrated

[2011-01-28 10:07:00]Anniversary of Hun Empire to be celebrated

segnali opzioni binarie 24option Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ In 2011, Mongolia will celebrate the 2200th anniversary of the Hun Empire. National Committee for organizing this historic event is to headed by the Minister of Education Yo.Otgonbayar.

By marking this date, our country will show how the nomadic Mongolians created their own state, how they used to maintain equal relations with neighboring cultural civilization. A significant contribution is to be made to forming in the people the patriotism and a pride.

The Hun Empire used to be a multinational state, so it will be possible to celebrate the date together with the countries of Asia and Europe, which gives us an excellent opportunity to promote the history and culture of the nomads. Researchers have proved that the Great Mongol Empire of the 13th century inherited all the elements of the Governmental structure of the Hun Empire.

The Empire of the Huns used to cover vast territories, but the cradle of this state and areas mostly populated are located on the territory of modern Mongolia. As a confirmation of this, some five thousand mounds of the Empire of the Huns, 20 ancient cities and towns, and seven historical and memorable places of burial have been found here.


Source: Mongolian Economy and Finance




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