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Mongolian culture


[Wednesday, February 09, 2011]Mongolian Artists to Perform in Pan-Asian Music Festival

source Mongolian Artists to Perform in Pan-Asian Music Festival
Written by E.Bayannasan

Mongolian well-known artists including state prize winner, composer B.Sharav, throat singer N.Sengedorj, morin khuur player G.Urtnasan and “Borte” folk rock band will take part in the Stanford Pan-Asian Music Festival.

The seventh annual festival will run from February11 to 13 at the Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford University, encompasses the ancient and modern story of Mongolia with a series of concerts, pre-performance discussions, symposia and lectures.

At www.mercurynews.com, American journalist Andrew Gilbert wrote about it that “Melodies from the Grasslands: Traditional Mongolian Music” features throat-singer N.Sengedorj with horse-head fiddle virtuoso Urtaa Gantulga.

It also includes Borte, an accomplished seven-piece Mongolian band that plays a singular synthesis of jazz and folkloric Central Asian styles on traditional Mongolian instruments (including the horse-head fiddle, or morin khuur)”.

Saturday’s program, “From the Grasslands to the Steppes,” explores that enduring influence.

Conducted by Cai, the Stanford Symphony Orchestra will interpret Borodin’s enduringly popular “On the Steppes of Central Asia” and guest composer B.Sharav’s “Concert for Morin Khuur and Orchestra,” and Suite No. 2 from the ballet “Zuurdiin Oron,” featuring pianist Juliann Ma, winner of the 2010 Stanford Concerto Competition, and soloist Gantulga.

On February 12, the festival truly lives up to its Pan-Asian name, as the Bay Area’s Ballet Afsaneh presents folkloric and classical dances of Central Asia, alongside performances by Mongolian, Tibetan and Japanese soloists, including Ishikawa, Sengedorj and traditional Mongolian dancer Darkhya.

Closing ceremony of the festival will be held on February 13 at Dinkelspiel.

source: http://ubpost.mongolnews.mn

Writer or posted by : IBX


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