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Mongolian culture



Mongolian History

http://diebrueder.ch/piskodral/1502 Nomadic tribes roamed in central Asia over 5,000 years. Nomadic people are very hospitable and independent with almost no inclination to ally with other tribes but in the late 12th century, a young Mongol son named Temujin (Chinggis Khan) appeared and united all Mongol tribes. In 1189, Temujin was titled Genghis Khan ...

Nomad lifestyle

Mongolia is one of the nomad countries in the world. Since the Hunnu Empire Mongolians raising their five domestic animals (it is including sheep, horse, cow, camel, and goat) in the broad region of forest, steppe and Gobi desert. Especially they respect their horses. Mongolians see their horse is their best friend. Mongolian nomadic people move into place to place 2-4 times a year as ...

Festivals & event

The biggest festival of the Mongolian year is the Naadam Festival celebrated in Mongolia nationwide on July 11-13. Naadam is properly know as “Eryn gurvan naadam”, named after the three manly games of wrestling, horse racing, and archery making up the core activities of the National Festival. Mongolians love to dress in their best tradtional costumes and riding on their most beautiful horses...

Mongolian Religion

One of the branches of Buddhism, Yellow Buddhism, was introduced to Mongolia by the Manchu in the second half of the 16th century. Buddhism in Mongolia is interconnected with the traditional lifestyle. Before 1930, one of every two men was transformed into monks. Duri ng communist regime, about 700 monasteries and temples in Mongolia were miserably destroyed and big numbers of monks...

National dwelling ger

Mongolian traditional dwelling, Ger, is used over centuries as suited to its harsh climate and nomadic lifestyle. Ignorant foreigner look at it as a yurt but it has been developed over centuries and very advanced and if you get to know much one perhaps admire the intelligence of our ancestors.

National food and beverage

What you find in Mongolian Barbeque restaurants in your home country, we would say there is very little of real authentic Mongolian taste. Authentic Mongolian food has its own smell of the steppe and taste of the nomadic lifestyle. Today, Ulaanbaatar city is crowded by modern restaurants and pubs where serve all kinds of foods and beverages from the globe.

Traditional clothes

Dell is the traditional Mongolian clothing and worn for centuries. It is made of various materials such as cotton, silk, cashmere, wool, suede and brocade etc. Dell looks like thick, knee-length togas - burgundy, olive, khaki, violet and marine blue are the most popular colors, with a silk sash cinched around the waist - usually orange, but sometimes yellow, green or blue. They're more functional...

Traditional music & songs

Odes to nature, horses and the open steppe are popular themes of traditional Mongolian music. Long songs, as the name suggest have lasted a long time and are loved by Mongolians. The original long time and written about 800 years ago and there are special songs for weddings, festivals and religious ceremonies. Traditional Mongolian instruments include string and wind instruments, drums...

Toys & games

Mongolian traditional games can be divided into 2 general types on the basis of their general form; games which are played using simple and readily-available materials such s stones sticks, or animal bones and games which are played using objects created by the artistic means; namely with painted or carved pieces. The games of the one category are characterized by a close figurative connection...

Mongolian art

Visual Arts of Mongolia


Cinema, the miracle of the 20th century, came to Mongolia in 1910s. First movies were shown in the capital city, at the American Consulate and Russian Stock Exchange's hotel.


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