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Mongolian culture


Education in Mongolia


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binäre optionen handeln schweiz Pre-school education

Mongolia has an extensive, state-financed pre-school education system. Currently there are over 700 state and private kindergartens (name for a day care). Currently there only exist kindergartens that enroll children over the age of 3. In Ulaanbaatar, there are also some privately run nursery schools and kindergartens, many offer language training, for example, English.

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Mongolia's school system, previously based on the ten-year school, has been shifting towards twelve years of education. The official school entrance age has been lowered to six starting 2008. Compulsory education is eight years. Each school year begins on September 1st. Schools in soum centers usually have boarding schools for pupils from the countryside. Many of these soum schools only go to the eighth grade, pupils who want to complete the secondary school then have to attend schools in the aimag centers. There have been opening of privately owned foreign-language schools in the big cities from the last decade for example for English, Russian, Chinese, and German.


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