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Mongolian culture


Train Frequently Asked Questions

What destinations may I go by the train?


The passengers are able to book a train with us UB to other destinations, such as UB to Erlian, Jining, Datung, Hohhot, Beijing, UB to Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and Moscow.


How to book a train?

Please, choose the destination and send inquiry form to us. Upon receipt of your enquiry, we'll send you train schedule with cost within 24 hours.


What is necessary from us for the train booking in advance?

In advance, your passport info or passport copy is needed for booking and buying train ticket.


What is different for the first or second classes?

If passenger decided to go by the train, will be able to go by first or second classes. The first class is soft sleeper and two beds in a cabin. And the second class is 4 beds in a compartment for 4 people. Except these classes, there is ¼ class means that soft sleeper and 4 beds in a cabin.


How much discount for the children?

Children under age of 12 are eligible for 50% discount for traveling with Mongolian Railway. In case if your child will take separate sleeping bench, the price of ticket will be same as to adults. And children under age of 4 will travel free of charge.


How many people in a cabin?

There are 3 different compartments for the train. The passengers are able to go by two or by four in a cabin.


How to eat food in the train?

There are restaurants with international food for the passenger. So passenger will be possible to visit to the restaurant or order your meal to your cabin. The service staff will kindly help you.


May I carry my own bike in the train?

Passenger can carry their bike by the train; you come to baggage registration office and after weighing; making a payment and draw up corresponding documents your bike will deliver to the final destination. 


How to pay for the train ticket?

We accept Master and visa cards for the online payment; you can pay by any of following methods:

  1. International money transfer service
  2. Bank transfer to our account below
  3. VISA or MasterCard (http://www.mongoliatravelguide.mn/train_booking)


May I buy train ticket in Mongolia myself?

During the winter, from October through to May, you might be able to buy train tickets yourself from the International train ticketing office. During the summer time if you contact tour agency that will be reliable and easy to buy your train ticket.



What kind of tourism should be more promoted for Mongolia?




Now that I have had some time to process my amazing journey with you through the Discover Mongolia tour and I would like to write to thank you for a totally engaging experience. . .

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   Mrs. Margaret Hadley

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