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Train Booking Terms & Conditions



The following booking conditions together with the general information contained on this website form the basis of your contract with Mongolia Travel Guide. Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations.


Travel documents

Please make sure that your travel documents for the entire journey, including valid passports, visas if required, are in compliance with the relevant government regulations.



Mongolia Travel Guide is recommended you that train ticket booking from UB to other destinations, such as; UB to Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude to the North and Beijing, Hohhot, Dating, Jining and Erlian to the south etc.


Making your booking

Book your train ticket with us as much as earlier, specially for June to Sep. To make a booking, you may either book online, telephone our Reservations Department on 976-7012 0011 or email at oyungerel@mongoliatravelguide.mn  once you paid, we book your train ticket with the train ticketing office in UB, Mongolia.



All prices shown online are in USD per person for the different classes. Prices are subject to change without notice. However, your price is guaranteed once you are given a confirmation number.


Rules for purchasing tickets

International train tickets of the Mongolian Railway can be purchased at Ulaanbaatar. 

Upon purchase of the international train ticket, passenger must present a valid passport bearing entry visa to the destination country. Ticket sale will be refused in case of failure to present a visa. We pick up reserved seat ticket within 14 days prior your departure date will result in sale of reserved ticket to public. If passengers book a trans- Siberian train, we will be able to buy your train ticket one day before only.



Children under age of 12 are eligible for 50% discount for traveling with Mongolian Railway. In case if your child will take separate sleeping bench, the price of ticket will be same as to adults. And children under age of 4 will travel free of charge.



In respect of all arrangements requiring payment at least a month prior to the departure date, if we do not receive full payments due in full and on time, we are entitled to assume (on behalf of the train ticketing office (s) concerned) that you wish to cancel your booking.


The balance is due 14 days prior to the departure date. If you are booking within 14 days, then full payment is required at time of train booking. Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard online or wire transfer. Once your payment is received, we will send a payment receipt.


Cancellation and Ticket return

The ticket can be cancelled but it will depend on period to cancel, then plats kart fees for returning ticket are as below:


More than 6 hours prior to the departure time, 10% of your total charge

Within 6 hours prior to the departure time, 50% of your total charge

Within a hour  prior to the departure time or after leave the train, 100% of your total charge


Baggage transportation

You can keep baggage till 36kg at your compartment, but heavy and big size things you should give to the baggage registration office and after weighing; making a payment and draw up corresponding documents your baggage will deliver to the final destination. You must give it to the baggage registration office at least 1 hour before leaving the train. Also your baggage must be well packed to ensure safety transportation without damage and it size must be not door opening and provide easy handling to loading and unloading.


Hand baggage transportation

The passenger can take with them till 36kg baggage free of charge.


But prohibited to take the items which may damage or polluter the coach and other passengers baggage, weapon, flammable materials and explosive, badly smelting and harmful to health, corrosive and poisonous items and raw meat.


The fragile as radio set, TV, special photo camera, audio and video equipment which can’t be placed due to their big size and fragility into a van is permitted to take in passenger compartment only one unit.


If not prohibited by the veterinary rules the passenger can take with him till two home animals/ dog, bird, cat, rabbit, hedgehog/ after issuing necessary documents and making corresponding payment.


Taking home animals and birds without luggage documents may cause a fine.


Baggage transportation and registration

Weight of each package of baggage must be not more than 75 kg.


Each piece of package should be easy handle, it size not more than van’s door opening, would not damage other baggage.

Each package should be with a handle to ensure easy handling it to loading, unloading and ensure safety of baggage (the suitcases, baskets boxes- wrapped up with cloth or paper). The baggage not packed properly can’t be received for transportation, explosive, perishable products, radio active matter, bad smelling matter, weapon, flammable and other items which may be damage other baggage are prohibited for transportation in baggage vans. The one place weight of home animals should be not more than 50kg and may be received 1 hour before the train departure.

The owner person responsible for their feeding and maintenance. The animals should be transported in the container, bag or net which avoid contamination of van and other baggage.

2-5 animals and birds with veterinary certificates can be transported by one consignment.


The plants, bush, seedling and other cultivated plants in properly made packing which avoid contamination of other baggage and ensure safety transportation may be transported as baggage (each packing weight not more 50kg, height not more 2 meters).



Where is your ideal destination in Mongolia?




Now that I have had some time to process my amazing journey with you through the Discover Mongolia tour and I would like to write to thank you for a totally engaging experience. . .

Washington D.C

   Mrs. Margaret Hadley

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